Helminthostachys zeylanica

Bauhinia Kockiana has dark green leaves and bright striking orange flowers. Bauhinia Kockiana is a climbing vine and its branches need to be supported.


This climbing vine grows well in normal garden soil with good water helminthostachys zeylanica. It also loves the sun and needs regular watering and fertilizing. The beautiful flowers bloom in clusters.

They are gorgeous and very eye-catching even from afar. These are how the leaves and flower buds look like.

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The flowers start from yellow, then they change to orange. Then from orange they turn to orangey red in colour. When I first helminthostachys zeylanica my Bauhinia Kockiana plants, they took a long time to flower.

helminthostachys zeylanica milyen szerveket érint a pinworms

But once they started to flower, they have been flowering faithfully. Bauhinia Kockiana flowers thoughout the year round.

helminthostachys zeylanica

This is the seed. In each seed pod there may be one to three seeds.

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The seeds are flat and round, about half helminthostachys zeylanica inch diameter. Helminthostachys zeylanica the seeds are matured, the seed pod and seeds will be dark brown or black in colour.

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The seed pod will then explode open and the seeds will be dispersed. It is not easy to propagate this plant.

I have collected the seeds and tried propagating by using seeds but helminthostachys zeylanica success rate is very low. I have also tried propagation with stem cuttings and this is also not very successful.

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I am hoping to try marcotting to see if it works. So far, only those seeds that have dropped onto the soil and germinated on their own have a better success rate.

helminthostachys zeylanica

Helminthostachys zeylanica is one seedling which has sprouted out from the soil on its own. A few times I have dug some seedlings but they didn't survive. I hope it will not be helminthostachys zeylanica by the extreme heat.

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Due to the extreme heat in my area for the past few days, my Bauhinia Kockiana plants have suffered "heatstroke" and the leaves and flowers have curled and dried up.

The helminthostachys zeylanica are falling all over helminthostachys zeylanica my plants are almost bald. This has happened before a few times whenever the weather is extremely hot. But after I have trimmed off the dried parts, the plants sprout new shoots again helminthostachys zeylanica helminthostachys zeylanica some time with much care and watering, the plants are back to normal again.