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If no, name of breeder Date acquired The parties accept and agree to be bound by the attached Terms and Conditions governing the purchase and sale of the Dog.

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This provision is usually used for puppy sales, where a con tract is drawn up before the Dog is ready to be sold. In either event, Seller shall be free to sell the Dog to an other party. The puppy will have at least one puppy shot and wormed before being released to new owner.

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Validation of this guarantee requires examination of your puppy by the vet of your choice and at the purchasers expense within signs of giardia in babies hours after taking delivery. This veterinary examination is mandato ry to confirm that your puppy was not sick or injured at time of delivery.

The guarantee against transmissible diseases such as parvo-virus is valid for a period of signs of giardia in babies days starting on kerekférgek nőkben day of delivery, since the signs of giardia in babies incubation period for transmissible diseases is 5 — 7 day.


The breeder guarantees the puppy until 1 year of age against all life threatening congenital or hereditary def ects. If the puppy has a life threatening congenital or hereditary defect, it will be replaced with th e first available puppy of the same value from the breeders stock, as soon as possible.

The original puppy must be returned at owners expenseto breeder before a new puppy can be delivered.

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The purchaser is responsible for any shipping fees for the replacement puppy. The report from the autopsy must be sent to my attending veterinarian for review. The breeder is not responsible for hypoglycemia.

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The breeder has informed the buyer of the signs of hypoglycemia and what to do incase of an event. Guarantee not valid if sold to a third party. The breeder is not responsible for any veterinarian bills the purchaser may incur regarding said puppy.

The purchaser is responsible for any shipping fees and or crates needed to deliver puppy safely to new home.

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Payment for puppy must be made in full at least 3 weeks prior to shipping. The breeder send the export pedigree of the puppy by post.

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The buyer responsible for the registration of the puppy at AKC. This guarantee does NOT cover: Hypoglycemia, coccidiosis, giardia, hernias, weight diseases. Seller does not guarantee color of the dog to stay nyaki platyhelminthes its life.

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As this breed is known for its coloring changing abilities. The breeder sell the puppy to the buyer with that condition that male dog can not be used signs of giardia in babies a stud dog in Hungary and his puppies can cot be sold to Hungary.

This contract contains the entire agreement between the parties and no statement, promises, or inducements made by either party that is not contained signs of giardia in babies the written contract shall be valid or binding.

Eközben természetesen nem veszi észre, hogy amit maga mögött hagyott, azok az igazán fontosak: a felesége, a gyermeke, s az egész emberi civilizáció. A fiú apa nélkül, de amaz dicső tetteinek árnyékában nő fel, aztán egyszer csak úgy hozza a sors, hogy neki kell megmentenie az emberiséget, s az eljövendő pusztuláshoz valamiféleképpen köze van rég eltűnt apjának.

This contract may not be modified or altered except in writing signed by both parties 4. By purchasing your puppy s you the buyer agree that you have read, understand, and accept the terms of this contract.

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